Job of colour



With unemployment rate being very high in South Africa,confusion becomes the dominant feeling among the people of this state,more especially among the youth.Many decide to take any job that comes their way as long as they can get a certain amount that will put food on the the table.The majority of  “many” that  I am talking about  are black people.Our brothers and sisters opt for being cleaners,waiters,security workers etc.I am not implying that these kind of jobs are bad.I am just ruling out the fact that these jobs are given to them because they have no choice.They go around with “Any job is fine” mumbling on their lips.

Majority of these people will tell you that they have certain qualifications that ranges from a diploma to Masters degree and so forth.They will tell you that they have sent over 200 job  applications yet they are still unemployed.They will tell you that jobs are being advertised only for formality because cadre deployment has taken over the administration of South Africa.They already know that they cannot get jobs only because they are not comrades.With that being said,they opt for black jobs.By black jobs I mean being a cleaner,a feeder of customers,a security guard,a street vendor and most definitely a criminal that robs others to feed those who are at home.

One will wonder why I have classified these jobs as “black jobs”.I have done this because its rare to find white people having those jobs.Black people have to work extra hard to live a comfortable life.Children of certain races are already well fed even when they are still in their mother’s womb.Everything is hard for black people because the economy is not on their hands.Whats worse is that black people who are at the top are exploiting their own brothers and sisters.Politics are the Aces of public administration.

Are we taking black jobs because the economic power was overlooked during 1994?We ran for democracy that dominated with politics instead of the economy. Policies like Freedom Charter were drafted and adopted but they are not working for black people.A lighter man is still a boss even to this day.Yes there are those who are for us and struggling with us too but the question is will the gates of employment ever be opened for black people?Someone will tell me to stop advocating for employment but for self employment rather but where do we get the resources if our own resources are trapped by the non black society.By non black I am talking about everyone who is against black people.Including those black people who are looking out for themselves.

Job of colour has taken over.Petrol garages are ran by black people on the floor yet owned by a white men.Black vendors are selling vegges on the land that is,as stated in the freedom charter,supposed to be theirs but cant access it because they are being locked out of the success story.Black brothers and sisters are feeding people in restaurants owned by white men because they have no choice.Our people are applying for jobs that already have their candidates.The rate of unemployment has increased and is continuing to increase because the school of thought for going to universities and colleges now is to be on the stats of unemployment.

This on its own is a struggle that is yet to be won.This is a wake up call to the people who are victims of the system.

















feminism and Dating

So many people have totally misunderstood the term “feminism”. It is more worrying when a fellow woman says she is “anti-feminist”. Do realise that she does not say this merely because she is but because she has misunderstood the term. Same applies to certain men. They don’t acknowledge feminism because they think women are in a riot of taking their tittle. They forget that there are two sides on a coin. If we have patriarchy then allow the existence of feminism too. It can only be that fair. Failure to have this means failing to acknowledge and implement “equality”

It is hard for a strong independent woman to have a partner that is not intimidated by her power. Even studies have proven that. This exists more in black society. The root of this problem is ” culture”. Laws get amended and some gets ceased time and again but it seems like culture,which is often referred to as “tradition” will never come to that level. I often hear people say “..because it is our tradition” when I question certain things. It appears more to me as a “system”. Something that is designed  to remain a certain way without being questioned.

Women are getting tired of assuring men that they are not in this feminism circle to steal their tittle. They are getting tired of having to keep up with men who always nurse their patriarchal ego by stepping on their toes. Why is it difficult for men to know and actually believe that she can be a hard working badass woman at work and still come home to be a down to earth obedient partner?

So many people have mistaken feminism as “hate towards men”. Feminists don’t hate men. They actually do love men. Some men believe that a woman does not have to work. They believe that her office is a kitchen. They believe that her work is to bath kids and make sure they eat. Do believe me that one of those kids is a man. Her man. He has to eat too. His clothes must always be ready and clean. Its weird how she is also expected to nurse him in the bedroom. Not because she is in a mood but because she has to take care of her partner.

What if he believed that his woman can actually work and come home to do all these chores with him helping her? What if he believed that he can bath the kids while she is cooking or vise versa? What if he happened to get it when she says “babe today I am tired so can we just cuddle”? What if he believed that she is not the only one who has to strip down and provide satisfaction? What if he believed that sex was made for two and he must provide satisfaction too?What if he believed that she can earn more that him and have no problem? As long as she is obedient about it? What if he knew that even if she is a boss at work,she can still come home and give him a space to be a leader of the house.Not because she can’t be one but because she respects him enough to allow him to be her leader?

What if men stopped using pick up lines like ” I am the one you saw driving this car the other day,I am a director of this firm and I saw you so I ….,my friend who owns this and that wants to speak to you,hey babe this is my friend. The one I said drives this and that”? To be honest this introduction annoys some women.Most feminists are actually attracted by a hardworking man’s struggles. If you have been wondering why your rich lines have not been working on certain women then you got the answer. It is because your are marketing yourself with something that they probably have. You can actually date her without attaching your price tags as a marketing tool.

People need to know that feminism and dating does not contradict or oppose each other. It is up two people to make it work. Same goes to those women who claims they are anti-feminists. They call themselves with this tittle because they settle for what they are given by men. They use this tittle because they are lazy. I don’t have a problem with women who have decided not to work. It’s their decision. They should know that he will get tired of splitting his salary with her when she is not bringing anything to the table. He will get tired if being asked ” why is the table empty” when he is the one who bought that table. I have seen women stay in abusive relationships and marriages just because the abuser is a provider.These women often sugarcoat this abuse by saying ” I am staying only because of our kids” or ” I love him”. They would not be thinking this way if they were feminists.

It’s OK to be a feminist and its super great to date one. Bob Marley once said “emancipate yourself from mental slavery. Non but ourselves can free our minds”. Having quoted that, it is clear that an opposition of feminism and dating can be put to end only if men and women started to nod to the existence of feminism just  as much as they do to patriarchy.

Dear my hair by Tebogo Phakedi



Looking at you now, I remember how we all grew together. The sad good part is that I was cutting you along the way only because I could not understand the measure and solidness of you. I remember how mom used to cut you off and turned you in to curls that were cut shortly, well it was kind of cool because that cost her only R20.00.I was little to understand that you were worth more than that.

I look at you now and beat myself up for using chemicals that are always praised and called relaxers to make you look softer and longer, well I hope you did not blame me because I did not know that I could still rock you hard and thick. Was it you punishing me when you got growth few weeks after I relaxed you? Well I guess so but can we laughably agree…

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Sad Life of a Comrade by Tebogo Phakedi

I often pass the streets of this place and hear people calling each other comrades.They joy that shines across their face when they beautifully call each other with such political based name,its like they are emphasising that a shoes is to foot as tire is to wheel.Looking at such name with amusement,I have realised that it probably only refers to the loyal souls of the movement.The name might have its meaning but in where I live,It means the slave of the movement.Affiliates have to attach their emotions to the movement before they can get to be called comrades.You know what is funny,the fact that only certain comrades will benefit from that credential.I have this friend who quit his job from a private company that allowed him to earn something from building houses for people.He quit because comrades were promised a learneship that has an internship package,it was made clear that you can only get it if you work for a government cleaning program and of course,IF YOU WERE A COMRADE.I tried by all means to show him the right path but you know what happens to comrades,they get emotional when politicis are brought up that they’ll even support anything that have their party’s brand on it.The point that I am bringing home is that people are so blinded by the name comrade that they keep voting and voting and licking the ass of their party in hope that their lives will change.I can tell you now that my friend does nothing now other than wearing the mental overall that makes him believe that he will get something from being called a comrade and of course,a bee attracting colour shirt that shows his political stand.

I have always made sure that I distance myself from being a politician,which can of course be regarded as being a comrade in this instance.You are forced to keep quiet and say things that will colour the party beautifully.You cant even say what is worth being said because you want to be politically correct.The sad life of a comrade is that some will end up sitting on the government chairs while others have to sit back and think their party brought them the freedom to at least choose who can run the country.

Another sad part of being a comrade is that the head of the house has allowed cadre system to take place in every if not most rooms of the house.Now some of those who are sitting at those government chairs are not at ease because they know that the new executive will come one day and bring their own people.It is pretty much laughable but at the end of the day,its a sad life of a comrade.This is pretty much the reason why a dog’s bark does not sound like a lion’s roar or of course,the reason why a cock cannot sound like a turkey.

To some of us being politically correct is not our job and we are unapologetic for voicing the jokes that we often laugh at.Jokes that some see as the proxy of belonging to a certain structure.Every party has its pet name that it’s affiliates are called with.These parties dont even regard their existance as having to sit down and agree on what will benefit the house.NO.They concentrate on having power.Fighting for power and misusing it.It is all about who is fit to run this house.Of course others will dance to the tune of “we did this and that for black people and we will rule until Jesus comes”.The same mentality that comrades have.The sad part is that those minor parties that gang up against the major head of the house will be enemies when the major steps down down one day.Provided Jesus pospones His arrival just to give other parties a chance of shaking their mandate off too.

Comrades,keep calling each other comrades but truth told,it is sad.Running miles for your party in hope that you will also,one day turn around with government pancakes.Wake up and question how long are you going to clean a road for the chosen comrades that will actually lead.

Aluta Continua Comrades.