Change The System by Tebogo Phakedi

I am very proud to say that I support the Red smart ants and other parties that do by all means to change the system.I have realised that people who have joined the revolution fight by all means to change the system for the better.Those people are conscious thinkers and that is what South Africa needs.These people need to be applauded because the bees have implanted fear in to the people and that needs to change.We cannot afford to avoid speaking the truth just because we are scared of what the bees will do to us.

It is very sad,laughably sad I must say,that people(even those who belongs to the bees)will fully agree with what the revolutionalists and fighters are saying yet will not credit them.Never mind voting for them.It is probably one of those “Loyal comrades will blindly support anything that has their party’s brand on it” moments that are very hard to be erazed.

I just thought about the short story that I wrote(not yet published)titled “From the savour’s country” where I mentioned how our people are emotionally and politically blackmailed by mentions of the politicians who have passed.Our black people get to hear the bees movement mention the likes of Nelson Mandela(Take note that his beautiful ex wife supports the red ants) and the others just because they originate/d from such party.That needs to stop.Those people are no more.Start mentioning your president.Tell us about your president.The fact that the administration was handed to you by the colonialists does not mean it cannot be taken away from you.

What is very disturbing is that the government is hiding behind Laws (that are being made)just to silence the brave and I do pray that it fails to work.The only thing that is at the front is POWER.The bees want to wear a greed man’s shoes,little does the bees know that those shoes will make them feel superior to our people.The bees are continuing to eat from a greed man’s plate,claiming that they are eating on our behalf.STOP!!

Change The System

By the way I am not a politician.I am an Activist