Is it because I am a Woman by Tebogo Phakedi

I literally looked at my screen for 15 minutes before I could write this.Not because it is difficult but because I am questioning women who are anti-feminists.I believe that one of the aptitudes that a feminist must have is the ability to allow other women be and do things that a feminist would not necessarily make but let me tell you one thing,IT IS DIFFICULT.Especially at work.It is difficult to keep up with the patriarchal system.It is very difficult to allow yourself to be under looked by men.It is difficult to be called beautiful yet not respected as a fellow colleague.I believe that women have potential and that is the most important thing right?The potential to be you and the potential to work yourself off to have a better life.Is it a must to wait for him to fill up your bank account?Is it necessary for you to be under his shadow just because he is a man?Is it necessary to listen to his orders even when they torn your work or even your morals?If you have answered yes then I wish I could have your heart fellow woman.A heart that does not bleed when told that “you will do that when I say so”,a heart that does not bleed when you are expected to leave your work and run to please him or run to work for him.I am often told that I take things by heart and that is being unprofessional.The fact that culture has ruined the minds of those who cant keep up with a hunting Lionesses.They(somehow) even think that a Lioness is being unprofessional for hunting.

I once heard a man say he does not want a working wife and I humouredly ended up thinking maybe that was the reason why he was still single at the age of 39.At least he still had hope that he would find a mate.He had this weird way of expressing how women are supposed to work at home,feed,bath and take the children to school.Allow me to say he also wants to be fed and immersed too.The question that I asked myself is that was he aware that women of the past had offices too?Those offices were regarded as farms.Now am I not supposed to work just because I am a woman?No thank you Sir but the economy is not doing well at the moment so if you dont want that woman then get out of here.

I remember the tears that extremely wet my pillow the other day after knocking off.I was at work and had to call this other busy man(He described himself as a busy man as if we aint busy ourselves) for a meeting.A man of status.A man who was respected by many.Picking up his phone,I told him everything that he wanted to know about my meeting with him and my fellow colleagues,guess what did he say?He said he was busy and I must try him tomorrow.Well that wont make you cry right?I know.Then this is what happened,my fellow male colleague picked up the phone and told him exactly what I just said,then kabooom our meeting with him was set.That really hurt and I cried a lot that night.Was it something that I said or was it just because I AM A WOMAN?Little did he know that I was the one to decide the following day if we acknowledge is proposal or not.

The moral of the story here is that being a woman and trying to climb the ladder is hard but at the end of the day we have to.Unless if our gender is checked over on whether we do the work or not,people should not bring it up.Especially if it is about whether we have the “capabilities” of doing the job.It should be whether people can do the job,not whether women can.Anti-Feminists and Traditionalist wont agree with me but truth of the matter is that women are now participating gracefully on growing the economy of the country/global.It should not be about whether she has boobs,Ass or lack an elongated clit.It must be about the potencial.