Job of colour



With unemployment rate being very high in South Africa,confusion becomes the dominant feeling among the people of this state,more especially among the youth.Many decide to take any job that comes their way as long as they can get a certain amount that will put food on the the table.The majority of  “many” that  I am talking about  are black people.Our brothers and sisters opt for being cleaners,waiters,security workers etc.I am not implying that these kind of jobs are bad.I am just ruling out the fact that these jobs are given to them because they have no choice.They go around with “Any job is fine” mumbling on their lips.

Majority of these people will tell you that they have certain qualifications that ranges from a diploma to Masters degree and so forth.They will tell you that they have sent over 200 job  applications yet they are still unemployed.They will tell you that jobs are being advertised only for formality because cadre deployment has taken over the administration of South Africa.They already know that they cannot get jobs only because they are not comrades.With that being said,they opt for black jobs.By black jobs I mean being a cleaner,a feeder of customers,a security guard,a street vendor and most definitely a criminal that robs others to feed those who are at home.

One will wonder why I have classified these jobs as “black jobs”.I have done this because its rare to find white people having those jobs.Black people have to work extra hard to live a comfortable life.Children of certain races are already well fed even when they are still in their mother’s womb.Everything is hard for black people because the economy is not on their hands.Whats worse is that black people who are at the top are exploiting their own brothers and sisters.Politics are the Aces of public administration.

Are we taking black jobs because the economic power was overlooked during 1994?We ran for democracy that dominated with politics instead of the economy. Policies like Freedom Charter were drafted and adopted but they are not working for black people.A lighter man is still a boss even to this day.Yes there are those who are for us and struggling with us too but the question is will the gates of employment ever be opened for black people?Someone will tell me to stop advocating for employment but for self employment rather but where do we get the resources if our own resources are trapped by the non black society.By non black I am talking about everyone who is against black people.Including those black people who are looking out for themselves.

Job of colour has taken over.Petrol garages are ran by black people on the floor yet owned by a white men.Black vendors are selling vegges on the land that is,as stated in the freedom charter,supposed to be theirs but cant access it because they are being locked out of the success story.Black brothers and sisters are feeding people in restaurants owned by white men because they have no choice.Our people are applying for jobs that already have their candidates.The rate of unemployment has increased and is continuing to increase because the school of thought for going to universities and colleges now is to be on the stats of unemployment.

This on its own is a struggle that is yet to be won.This is a wake up call to the people who are victims of the system.

















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