The power behind choosing natural hair

A black child is born, her hair is of course African-ly and black-ishly constructed by God’s natural verdict of granting her a hair harder than that of a white person or a racial mixed person or of course any other racial person except her. She grows up and her parents decide on her behalf that  hair products will be proper for her because they will make her look beautiful and the hair will of course revolve softer, like that of a white person or mixed racial person. She continues to grow up and starts having choices of what to wear and most importantly which hair to maintain. She continues using the heating products. From relaxers as they call them to tools that straighten her hair.

Salon appointments, one after one. Money after money she gives to the hairdresser that has to make sure that the products, from big companies that take money from black people are always available. Relaxing her hair this week, the embarrassing laugh can arise cause appears within two weeks. She has to go back and treat the hair to make it shiny and softer; paying right after that of course. Within a year she has spent over 25 000.Weaves prices are included of course. Of course you must think about the expenses of transport, paying the hairdresser, buying hair foods as they call them to keep the hair well fed everyday. According to her, she has to look that way to maintain her beauty.

Her cousin has natural hair. Not because she cannot afford the weaves and the package that comes with having fake and softer hair but because she is self realised. She is conscious enough to love and respect her hair. The powerful attachment she has with her hair, She wakes up, wash it, comb it and continues to look blackishly beautiful with a big natural hair that looks like the blessings granted to her by the Gods that respects the verdict enough to let it  live on. Few years later her hair is all locked up and dreadlocked beautifully. Symbolizing the beauty of a black child and the roots given to her. What makes her laugh often is that those with fake hair usually look at hers and envy it with questions like “How did you do that?”.Statements like “Your hair is beautiful”. Of course, she knows that. They could have eaten the same dish had they kept their hair. Why are they surprised? Are they mentally oppressed enough not to realize that the cells of their hair do not produce what they have now?

Economical oppression is so invested in their minds that they don’t realize that this products were made for them so that they  can come back again for more. Think about it, they relax their hair and two weeks later they come back again. Just by doing that the profits of white monopolist hair products increases. A nature haired person goes many years without relaxing her hair yet she survives still, and these natural hair products are just optional packages for her. YES someone will say “if you can’t afford Indian or lace weave please shut up and let us have it our own way with our money”. It is not about you affording, it is about your inability of going a week with your own hair because it makes you feel dirty and naked. Yes put on the weave and heat the hair but do record this in your mind… “Black people are the victims of colonialism and they still are. You are mentally colonized because you cannot stand your own hair. You are colonized because you think weaves and heated hair makes you look beautiful. You, black child!!!!!You are unfairly owned because you are the only one who depends on weaves.They actually make hair for you. White/Indian or even mixed race people don’t go around with fake hair”.

Knowing that  “there is a power behind choosing natural hair” is a first step to mental freedom.